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Cure Genetics takes “Benefiting Lives with Genetic Rngineering” as its development vision and strive to be a leader in precision medicine. We keep promoting the application of genetic engineering in the field of medicine and molecular diagnosis while focus on the development of the whole industry and bring hope to more patients.
  • To Lead
    To Lead
    Cure Genetics is committed to taking lead in precision medicine realm and becoming a pioneer in application, R&D, quality standard and production process.  With this target in mind, we shall inspire the creativity and take responsibility for continuous innovate.
  • To Deliver
    To Deliver
    Cure Genetics is committed to find new therapy for our patience with result-oriented approach, hence we will endeavor to pass each mile stone till we accomplish the mission.
  • To Share
    To Share
    We are fully aware that we need the joint efforts of many talented researchers in this all new area. Therefore, we are willing to share the standards and results to push the industry forward.